Classic Modification capabilities


We can turn key many interior modifications. Here are a few:

1. Custom interiors including headliner, seats, carpet, and trunk liner

2. Seat Belt Installation- three point or standard lap belt

3. Gauges- Install custom gauge sets, add white backgrounds, and tachometers.

4. Steering Wheel and Shifters- Custom steering wheels and performance shifters

5. Interior Floor Pan Replacement

6. Rust removal, sheet metal replacement, wet sand, and professional buff/polish

7. Fix dents, bent bumpers, re-chrome bumpers, and polish grills

8. Complete undercarriage and engine compartment detailing

9. Fiberglass hoods, ground effects, spoilers, trunk decks, fenders, air ducts, hood scoops, and air dams

10. Custom wheels

11. Custom tail lights, headlights and light bars


Adding power can be useless unless your drivetrain can put the power to the pavement. We can help you put your power to good use via any of the following:

1. Custom clutch applications,

2. Transmission rebuild, reinforcement, and/or overdrive transmission installation

3. Rearend rebuild, reinforcement, posi/locker/spool installation, custom width rearends

4. Manual or power disc brake installation

5. Repair and Replace all vintage parts or upgrade them to late model parts


1. Traction device installation

2. Torque Box Repair and Replacement

3. Subframe connector installation

4. Front and rear sway bar installation

5. Spring and custom strut installation

6.  Repair and Replace all vintage suspension parts or upgrade them to late model parts